Operations Procedure Manuals

Communiqué completed an analysis and design of the Operations Department requirements for Rules and Procedure Manuals for the new Airport Express Railway. These manuals were then produced in time for start-up of operations (more than 10 manuals). Communiqué wrote several manuals, including the Station Operations Manual, and acted as the Project Manager responsible for supervising the project team that developed the rest of the manuals.

Annual Safety Reports

Communiqué was asked to review the information in the MTR Annual Safety Reports to ascertain whether they were meeting the requirements of their target audience. The target audience for these reports includes the MTR Corporation Director of Operations, MTR Corporation Deputy Directors of Operations (Passenger Services and Maintenance), other senior MTR Corporation managers and external bodies such as the Government Inspectorate of Railways, the MTR Corporation corporate insurance company and MTR Corporation legal advisors.

From the Information Needs Analysis that Communiqué completed with the various target audience members, the structure and format of the report was redesigned to better meet their stated requirements.

Working with information from a variety of MTR Corporation managers, Communiqué then designed and wrote the next MTR Corporation Operations Division Annual Safety Report. 

Operations Engineering Department (OED) Project Plan

Communiqué worked with MTR Corporation senior managers to develop a standard OED Project Plan. The aim of this Project Plan was to provide project managers with a consistent, logical and thorough tool that could be used to manage any project, regardless of its size or duration. The plan also ensured that all changes to a project were documented and tracked, and that a full set of required information was produced and stored logically for easy retrieval.

Online Version of Penny’s Bay EIA Report

The Penny’s Bay EIA Report was produced by an external company. The information it comprised was structured and presented such as to expediently achieve Government approval.

MTR Corporation also wanted to present this information on its web site for access by any interested party. 

Communiqué worked with Dr. Glen Frommer of MTR Corporation to analyse potential target audiences and their information requirements from the report. The information in the report was then restructured according to the identified target audience needs and an online version of the information was developed.



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