Communiqué worked with Mott Connell, Hong Kong to develop an on-line version of the Tung Chung Cable Car Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report. The EIA Report was produced by Mott Connell, Hong Kong on behalf of the MTRC as a paper-based document of approximately 500 pages. The information it comprised was structured and presented such as to expediently achieve Government approval.

MTR Corporation also wanted to present the report on its web site for access by everyone interested. This required:

   re-analysis of the content of the report for online presentation

   applying the Information Mapping® methodology to the content to ensure the information presented online was “chunked” appropriately for ease of use

   re-structuring the information so that it was easily accessible as on-line information, including identification of information hyperlinks, etc., and

   converting the information into an HTML version for uploading into the MTR Corporation web site.



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