On behalf of Atkins, Communiqué worked on site with the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation West Rail Division to complete the analysis, design and development of a complete set of Rule Book, Contingency Manual and Operations Procedure Manuals for all operations of the new railway. This project required:

   assessment of the feasibility of merging the operational procedures and instructions documents currently in force on the existing rail systems, as well as those to be compiled for the new railway

   designing the structure, format and content of a new Rule Book, Contingency Manual and Operations Procedure Manuals in a way which facilitates the merging of the documents of the three railway administrations, should this be pursued

    compiling the Rule Book, Contingency Manual, Station Operations Manual, Station Control Manual, Operations / Depot Control Centre Manual and Train Operations Manual to meet operational best practice and within the required timescales. The kinds of information documented in the manuals included:

   - safety rules

   - operating procedures for various equipment

   - internal company processes (eg. safety procedures and reporting) 

   securing all necessary corporate and safety acceptances

   liaising with Government and other external organisations (eg. Hong Kong Police) to ensure that the documented information supports the best practise of external organisations.

All documents were developed using a format and presentation style that facilitates easy reference and clear understanding by the primary users.


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