ANZ Custodian Services – Wellington, New Zealand

ANZ Custodian Services Department required training and reference materials for the implementation of a new Custody and Clearing System (CCS) for all staff. ANZ Custodian Services provides Domestic and Master Custody Services for Australia and New Zealand listed securities, to international and domestic clients. This project required:

   analysis of the training and documentation requirements of NZ staff transitioning to the new CCS system,

   update of the existing training materials, and process and procedure documentation:

    - in line with NZ legislative requirements,

    - in line with the needs of NZ staff, and

    - to reflect the current status of the system,

   analysis of the requirements for additional training materials and/or process and procedure documentation,

   development of training, process and procedure materials (procedure manuals, quick reference guides, process charts and an online reference system), and

   determination of the logistical requirements for training delivery.



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